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Esajee USA

EsajeeUSA was established in Salt Lake City,Utah,USA in 2008.Our vision is to become the top retailer and whole sale distributor of the gourment and specialty foods as well as the primier technology solution provider for the Supply Chain Management,Logistics and e-commerce industry,globally.

EsajeeUSA aims to revolutionize the Global Trade, distribution, warehousing and retail management industry. Having warehouses and stores in USA, Gulf and South Asian markets and collaborative arrangements to run e-commerce, marketing and sales partnerships with other US companies gives us an edge on other companies. EsajeeUSA, is also actively involved in technology ventures and augments it’s IT strengths by providing hands on expertise in Supply Chain Management, e-commerce, International Trade and Marketing.

International Trade

1EsajeeUSA was established to consolidate worldwide procurement and shipping operations and expand the product line. International Trade has allowed Esajee to expand its market for both goods and services.

Retail & Wholesale

2Esajee have retail stores in Pakistan and US. Esajee is one of the major food and beverage suppliers to the top international hotel chains and trendy restaurants in major Pakistani cities. Esajee frequently caters, either directly or indirectly, to the U.S and other CONSULATES, World Bank, the United Nations (based in Pakistan) and U.S Armed Forces in Afganistan.

Marketing and Sales

3Esajee USA have Marketing and Sales Partnerships with Aviation Business Consultants International, Inc. (ABCI). ABCI has been in business since 2005 and Long Cycle Marketing is their specialty. ABCI’s powerful sales strategies and marketing tools enable Esajee USA to generate more revenues.

Information Technology

4EsajeeUSA (through EsajeeSolutions) is at the cutting edge of open source technology solutions development. Esajee Solutions deploys and market open source software technology solutions for the retail and trade industry and put the company on a technology driven transformational path.

Our Team

EsajeeUSA is a team of highly motivated, creative and hard-working individuals. We believe in delivering exceptional value to our clients and partners, by upholding the highest standards of professionalism and performance.

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